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V8 ARM Emulator V8 USB ARM JTAG Emulator Debugger-J-Link V8 Emulator

V8 ARM Emulator V8 USB ARM JTAG Emulator Debugger-J-Link V8 Emulator

1400 руб.

V8 USB ARM JTAG Emulator Debugger-J-Link V8 Emulator


- Supports all ARM7/ARM9 core chips, as well as cortex M3, including Thumb mode
- Supports for ADS, IAR, KEIL, WINARM, REALVIEW almost all of the development environment
- Target board voltage range: 1.2V-5.0V
- Dual colors LED indicators
- Supports for ARM11 better and faster than JLINK V7
- IAR EWARM integrated development environment seamlessly connected JTAG Emulator
- Download speeds: ARM7: 600kB / s, ARM9: 550kB / s, through the DCC up to 800 kB / s
- The maximum JTAG speed 12 MHz
- Auto speed recognition
- Monitoring all JTAG signals and target board voltage
- Fully plug and play
- Use the USB power supply (but not the target board power supply)
- With a USB cable and 20-core flat cable
- Supports multi-device JTAG serial connection
- Software:
- J-Mem, the query can be modified memory
- J-Link Server: (via TCP / IP connection to the J-Link)
- J-Flash, Flash programming support for independent, as mass production solutions
- Plug the J-Link RDI for any RDI compliant debugger, such as IAR, ADS, Relview and Keil, etc.
- RDI Flash BP, can be achieved in the RDI, the infinite set breakpoints in Flash
- RDI Flash DLL, can be achieved under the RDI independent programming of the Flash
- GDB server, can be achieved in the GDB debugging environment
- Package includes:
- 1 x J-Link emulator
- 1 x USB cable (93cm)
- 1 x 20-pin cable (14.5cm)
- 1 x Software CD


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